What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is an email service for customers who need a professional approach to their business communications.

Securely access your emails, contacts and calendar from your work computer, laptop, home computer, through a web interface as well as on your smartphone and tablet device! Enhancing your employees efficiency, helping your business gain a crucial edge.

Security is given the utmost importance; you can only access the Exchange server through an encrypted connection, so you can work securely even if you have to connect to public WiFi.

All Exchange 2010 accounts include a fully licensed digital download of Outlook 2010 valid as long as the subscription remains active.

The result - Your employees can work with greater efficiency, seamlessly from wherever they are, even a broken computer is no barrier, simply log in to the web interface from another!

There is an additional fee for BlackBerry devices only. This is due to an intermediary piece of software that must be licensed from RIM, the makers of BlackBerries.



Free Outlook 2010 License
Valid for as long as the account remains active. Free upgrade when the next version of Outlook becomes available. Outlook 2010 for Windows or 2011 for Mac.
Huge 25 GB Storage Space
An absolutely massive amount of storage space! Most competitors offer only a few GB.
Outlook Web App
Login to your account from anywhere!
SAS 70 Compliant
This solution is maintained in a SAS 70 Type 1 Audit certified data centre; providing you with firm reassurance of independently measured data handling competency and standards compliance.
Free ActiveSync
Sync with Android, iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and many other smart phones capable of supporting Exchange ActiveSync.
Free Trial Available
Contact us for a demonstration and trial.
99.9% Uptime Guaranatee
If we fail to deliver then we will refund part of your costs as described in our terms of service.

Benefits V. In House


Exchange Upgrades
Microsoft Periodically brings out a major new version of Exchange, meaning new and very expensive licenses need to be purchased to get the latest features. Get around this problem and all Exchange licensing fees by choosing us as your provider!
Free Outlook Upgrades
When a new version of Outlook comes out we offer it as a free download as part of your subscription.
No License Fees! Ever!
You don't have to pay for the server operating system, Exchange, Outlook, Anti-Virus or Anti-Spam protection!
Instantly Upgrade
If you need to upgrade a single Exchange or POP accounts space, no problem! Just let us know.
Firewalls & AntiSpam Included
There really is nothing more to it than setting up your account and configuring Outlook.
No Support Staff Required
Probably the biggest cost of an in house solution is staff to maintain that solution. Not to mention the ever rising cost of electricity bills!

More Information

Within your business you can share an email address between several staff at the same time along with the creation of a company address book. The convenience and efficiency of Microsoft Exchange means that this service will pay for itself in just a few hours of use!

We also invite discounts for customers who are interested in volume licensing and invest in a range of our services.

Cutting Edge Junk Mail Protection

In order to bring you the most effective anti-spam solution possible, we have combined different providers solutions in a unique way to deliver an extremely sophisticated and easy to manage system.

  • Almost instant rejection of new threats
  • Individual user policies
  • Greater than 99% filtering accuracy
  • Company wide whitelisting & blacklisting
  • Unmatched reliability

  • Exchange Pricing


    Price per Month

    Exchange Account


    POP Account




    BlackBerry Sync

    Mail Channels


    MailChannels' Traffic Control is a unique piece of software which filters incoming email before it arrives at the mail server. It prioritises connections from known and trusted senders and throttles back untrusted senders to reduce and balance load. This eliminates server congestion whilst blocking spam traffic.


    Cloudmark is a spam detection engine which is powered by the feedback from tens of millions of sources in the Cloudmark Global Threat Network. The collective intelligence provided by this feedback results in a hugely effective solution to spam email; it is able to provide a platform that is constantly evolving and able to respond to new and changing types of spam. A fingerprint is generated for each message received which is checked against fingerprints previously reported as spam to establish whether the email is likely to be junk or not.