Comprehensive & Secure

Making sure your documents are backed up offsite is critical for every business. Disaster recovery is the most basic and easily deployable service; what's more it's the only way to be able to guarantee the viability of your business if the worst should happen.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Snapshots Supported
  • Physical Delivery In Case of Disaster
  • SSH / SFTP / FTP / SSL Access
  • RSync / RDiff Backup / Duplicity / Unison
  • Run Remote Commands
  • IPV6 Connectivity

  • Backup Infrastructure

  • Simple & Platform Agnostic Infrastructure
  • Almost Unlimited Size
  • 10 Gb Connection
  • No License or Setup Fees
  • VMWare / AWS / Xen / Citrix Compatible
  • SAS 70 / PCI / SOX / HIPAA Compliant

  • We also offer on site data backup facilities with the use of 'Shadow Copies' to preserve old versions of files in case they are overwritten or deleted by mistake. NAS drives and server systems to share data between sites are also available, contact us for the best solution to meet the needs of your business.

    We also offer geo-redundant backups, so your most critical data can be backed up simultaneously to two physical locations on different continents. Please call or email to order geo-redundant backup services.

    SAS 70 Compliant

    This solution is maintained in a SAS 70 Type 2 Audit certified data centre; providing you with firm reassurance of independently measured data handling competency and standards compliance.

    Backup Size

    Price per Month

    7 GB


    20 GB


    Additional 20 GB